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Full-time MBA programme

We hope to develop our full-time MBA students to be the HRM talents with global vision and leadership. Thus, we provide our students with the cross-cultural skills, professional HRM expertise, and global visions that necessary for a career in the global marketplace. Students who participated in this program are required to take at least 39 credits and studying abroad for at least one semester before graduation, which may take 2 to 2.5 years to complete.  The program also offers plenty opportunities of exchange programs and HR summer interns. MBA students must participate in the HR summer intern between first and second year of graduate school, and conduct business research projects to help the intern companies to solve the problems.

In addition, full time students are required to pass English and second foreign language proficiency tests. Students need to achieve TOEFL iBT 79 or IELTS Level 6 in English. Second foreign language can be Japanese, French, German, or Spanish. If students failed to pass the language proficiency tests, they have to take 6-credits course delivered by English or second foreign language or equivalent language learning certificate (108 hours).

Finally, in addition to the professional courses in HRM, students must take four core courses related to business administration before graduation: Marketing, Information Management, Financial Management, and Operations Management. We strive to strike a balance between theoretical and practical oriented learning. In addition to teaching important theories and tools in HRM, we also offer students with business visiting and case study teaching, and ask students to form project teams to help the companies analyze the potential problems in the HRM functions (e.g., training, recruiting and selection, performance management, compensation and benefits, and so on) and propose useful solutions to address the problems. These provide students with great opportunities to get involved with real world business problems solving and decision making.

Graduation Requirement of MBA Program

1.Graduation Credits: 

Credits for graduation of MBA Program are 39 at least.

2. Study abroad:

In order to broaden students’ horizon, students should study abroad for one semester during academic session.

3. Summer project and internship:

MBA students must do project and have summer internship between first and second year of graduate school. Students must focus on the issues which business corporations face with and do comprehensive research and exploration. Then come up with the suggestive solutions for business corporations’ reference.

4. Language Requirement:

Full time students are required to pass English and second foreign language proficiency. Second foreign language can be chosen from: Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. This can be replaced by taking 6 credits course or equivalent language learning certificate (108 hours) or the level tested by language ability institution as qualified standard. Working students are required to pass English requirement only.

5. Core Courses:

Students need to make up four core courses during the study program if the core courses (Marketing Management, Financial Management, Management Information Systems, and Productions and Operations Management) are not taken in undergraduate. The credits of four core courses taken during the master program cannot be counted as graduation credits. Working students need to make up two core courses during the study program.

Course Title


Compulsory courses(18 Credits)

Organization Theory and Management


Organization Behavior


Research MethodⅠ


Research MethodⅡ


Independent Studies in Human Resource Management


Core courses(Elective)

Production and Operation Management


Financial Management


Information Management


Marketing Manegement


Other Elective Courses(21Credits)

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