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 Programme Design   

        The Institute of Human Resource Management (HRM) of the Sun Yat-sen University has become the leader in human resources management in Taiwan since it was founded on August 1, 1993. The institute of HRM is known for its high-quality research and teaching excellence as well as the leading position in the Human Resource Management field in Taiwan and Far East Asia region. Specifically, Institute of HRM has selected as the best MBA program in the HRM field in Taiwan, and ranked sixth in the Far East Asia region in the 2019 Eduniveral ranking.

         The institute of HRM has four programs: (1) Full-time MBA program, (2) Part-time MBA program (HRM), (3) Part-time MBA program (Asia Pacific HRM), and (4) PhD program. These programs are designed to train and develop: (1) HRM talents with global vision and leadership; (2) HRM professionals with excellent expertise; (3) HRM executives with strategic thinking and international mobility; and (4) excellent professors and researchers in the HRM fields.

Main Programme Design Changes in the Past Five Years

        To highlight the focuses of the Part-time MBA program (Asia Pacific HRM) and fit with the treads in big data and business data analytics, we have separated the Part-time MBA program (Asia Pacific HRM) into two specialized areas: strategy and international management and HR analytics. The former focuses on developing students’ mindsets in strategic thinking and international management, while the latter focuses on training students to be the expert in HR data analysis and decisions.

Faculty and Staffs:

     Our faculty teach and research a wide range of subjects within HRM, at both the organizational and individual level. Collectively, we have interests in a vast range of subjects, including the strategic and operational side of HR management, recruitment and selection, performance management, human resource development, training, as well as organizational behavior and work psychology (e.g. topics such as moods and emotions, work-place attitudes, individual and group behavior, stress and well-being). We have a growing number of English taught courses (relating to HRM and research methods) available to all our students. We have even been successful in attracting international students from other departments in the University to our courses.

We also have a full-time dedicated administration team, which is composed of 4 full-time staffs who do a great job of keeping everything running smoothly. Each staff will be responsible for one program and its students. Most of our faculty and staff members speak English, which help to take care of international faculty and students.




Current Director

Chi, Nai-Wen

2017.08.01 -

Previous Directors

Bih-shiaw Jaw

2014.08.01 - 2017.02.28

Bih-shiaw Jaw

2011.08.01 - 2014.07.31

I-heng Chen

2007.02.01 - 2011.07.31

Bih-shiaw Jaw

2003.08.01 - 2007.01.31

Shyh-Jer Chen

2001.08.01 - 2003.07.31

Bih-shiaw Jaw

1998.08.01 - 2001.07.31

Ing-Chung Huang

1993.08.01 - 1998.07.31


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