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【CM CSR】Be A Giver! An Assistance-Oriented Social Movement

[ CM CSR ] Be a Giver! Yan-Ting Chen, who was an alumnus of HRM In-Service Master’s Program, now takes advantage of her expertise to help job seekers do the resume check. (full text as below)

Yan-Ting Chen works as a recruitment staff in the software industry, she found that many applicants have lots of experience and achievements, but they didn’t make a good present of this on their CV. Due to incomplete information, they are judged not qualified by the company, she thinks that it’s a loss for both sides.

        Fortunately, she saw an online job-seeking platform activity "Be A Giver- A social movement based on help". It made her wonder whether she could use what she learned in Institute of Human Resource Management, NSYSU and years of experience in the industry to give back to the society and help more job seekers get interview opportunities and find jobs. With the intentions of working with the society, Yan-Ting Chen become a "Giver", start to share views and suggestions from the point of view of interviewers.

        A year and a half passed, though she needs to spend some time to check job seekers’ resume after work, YAN-TING Chen still enjoy it. “In the past I really hope there’s someone who can help me clarify what kind of job is best for me, now I can help others, this makes me gain a sense of accomplishment.”

        When doing the resume check, she not only modifies the words, but also discusses together, let them think about what they really want and the position they are applying for, and the actual content of the position, to prevent those who don’t have relevant experience to find the wrong information and have some misunderstanding about the job, then increase the frustration of job hunting.

Except for guiding the applicants, "When they share with me that they successfully get their dream jobs, this is exactly the motivation I keep helping others, I feel like I get the recognition form that company as well.

     Meanwhile, “being trusted” or “Giver” is the most rewarding result as HR. She shares one case that impresses her a lot: a job seeker A started his work in a company but 6 months later, he was not so content with the s job duties that he was struggling to resign. “However, he came to me via the online job recruitment platform by uploading the C.V. It only cost me 20% of my time to revise and polish the C.V., 80% of that assisted him in clarifying the difficulties he had come across at work. I encouraged him to communicate proactively with his supervisor from the perspective of human resources.” After three months, Yan-Ting Cheng actively asked his current status, and the job seeker A said that he would not quit the job, for the contraction between him and the company was solved after he talked over with his supervisor, and plus he mentioned that he was so much clearer about his job position! “Understanding the story, I feel overwhelmed because we never met before, yet he was willing to listen to my suggestions and take action. That is not merely a recognition of my profession but lays more emphasis on trust itself that makes sense to me.” Yan-Ting Chen believes that every individual could be inspired by one another, so when being capable as well as sophisticated, remember to give him or her a hand.

Beginning with having studied in HRM, worked as HR in an industry and moonlighted “A Giver” in order not to forget the initial enthusiasm for serving as HR specialist, she is convinced that “to put someone in the right place, manage talents’ KSA (K for Knowledge, S for Skill, A for Attitude), Yan-Ting Cheng hopes that is not only completed with one-way communication on the company’s side, but also anticipates that a talent seeking jobs is able to get more understanding of the enterprise, work knowledge, technology, attitude and thus most importantly, she is willing to share what she has learned and contributed to the society.


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